Ten weirdest things that have happened in college:

This high school girl asked me what the weirdest thing that has happened to me…

  1. A Brazilian 26 year old wanted to date/bone.
  2. I pole danced for the first time while drunk and impressed a large amount of people.
  3. I then started taking pole dancing classes for fun.
  4. I learned how to live in the moment.
  5. I watched a homeless person spit on a student walking passed.
  6. I got on a first name/text bases with my calculus teacher.
  7. My boyfriend had gone to the bathroom and so my roommate came in because she thought it was safe. However, I was naked on the bed. The three of us then had a nice chat.
  8. Looked at San Fran from a frat roof.
  9. Got hit in the face/neck with a potato.

10. Played pick up soccer with the chef at my cafeteria. 

If no one’s life has any meaning in itself, how can it acquire meaning through devotion to the meaningless lives of others?
The View from Nowhere-Thomas Nagel